Ryan Kerry

Founder & CEO

Ryan Kerry is the founder and CEO of Accusource and responsible for the sales and strategic vision of the company.  Before Accusource, Ryan managed support and implementation teams for a financial services company in the Philadelphia area and spent 8 years at a software firm in various management and consulting roles. Ryan is a graduate of Grove City College, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.

Accusource LLC Team

June Scanlon

Chief Operating Officer

June Scanlon is Chief Operating Officer and responsible for the day-to-day management of client operations and service delivery.  Prior to Accusource, June was the Manager of Accounting Systems for a family office in Boston and served as Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Operations for an investment adviser in the Philadelphia area. June is a graduate of Shippensburg University, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Belinda Micu

Chief Business Officer

Belinda Micu is Chief Business Officer and leads strategic planning, finance and technology.  Prior to Accusource, Belinda was a Managing Director at a Boston-based investment advisor and previously led development and engineering teams at a software firm in San Francisco. Belinda graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Harvard University.


Accusource has the ability to scale to the biggest client with expertise in complex workflows (i.e. adding Rex, Moxy, or building custom interfaces). Our resources average over 10 years experience (ACD specialist, operations manager, data conversion specialist, former Axys engineer).


We get clients up and running faster than building a back office team by augmenting existing staff. This in turn eliminates the difficulty in retaining high quality back-office employees.


Accusource retains the highest level of personal contact. Our resources are very cost effective which allows our clients to easily predict operations costs. Most importantly data never leaves client environment so there is little to no risk of information loss or tampering.



Investment Management Platform for Investors and Advisors


Leading Accounting and Financial Management Software


Technology Solutions for the Global Investment Management Community

Our team here at Accusource always maintains an up-to-date bead on the industry’s leading tools, technologies, and ecosystem players. We work closely with our customers to ensure they are able to capitalize on the best possible strategies. If your firm sees opportunity in partnering with us, please contact us to explore potential fit.

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